Alectoris chukar

(A. c. kurdestanica)

Armenian Name: Քարակաքավ

See Plate 20 for Chukar and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:32-34 cm, Wing Span:47-52 cm
Distribution Map: Map 91.
Adult: Distinctly patterned head and throat. Upperparts are brown-gray. Breast is gray; flanks are pale yellowish-white, vertically barred with thick black on reddish-brown stripes. Scapulars are gray-blue with broad pinkish feather edges.
Juvenile: Smaller; lacks the flank bars and distinct patterning of the head.
Behavior: Runs rapidly over rough terrain and easily climbs steep surfaces. Usually seen in small flocks. Flies rapidly away from hiding places in grass and rocks when closely approached.
Habitat: Rocky slopes near cliff formations in semidesert and arid mountain steppe; also large areas of exposed rocks near rivers or streams.
Food: Seeds and green parts of various grasses, sometimes insects
Nest: Ground scrape lined with dry grass in grass clump or under shrub or overhanging rock.
Eggs: 39 mm, 8-20, yellow-white, pale brown-red spots.