Black Francolin

Francolinus francolinus

(F. f. francolinus)

Armenian Name: Թուրաջ
Species Status: Endangered Species - Species of Special Concern
Black Francolin

See Plate 21 for Black Francolin and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Rare
Length:33-36 cm, Wing Span:50-55 cm
Distribution Map: Map 92.
Description: Dark, scaled plumage and blackish outertail feathers.
Adult: Males have black face, white cheek patch, dark brown crown and nape streaked with pale reddish-brown. Underparts black with prominent white flank spots, and red-brown collar. Females brown overall with slightly paler head, dark stripe behind eye, and brown-red nape patch. Underparts densely marked with dark brown.
Juvenile: Similar to adult female but smaller, duller, and has paler face.
Similar Species: Female differs from Grey Partridge by slightly larger size, dark-marked underparts, and blackish outertail.
Behavior: Very elusive and difficult to flush; call is a series of loud high-pitched notes. Occasionally seen on roadsides.
Habitat: Dense thickets, usually of reeds, willow, and blackberry.
Food: Wide variety of plants, especially seeds; insects.
Nest: Unlined shallow depression on ground in thick cover.
Eggs: 42 mm, 8-12, pale brown, white spots.