Common Coot

Fulica atra

(F. a. atra)

Armenian Name: Սև փարփար
Common Coot

See Plate 22 for Common Coot and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:36-38 cm, Wing Span:70-80 cm
Distribution Map: Map 105.
Adult: Black overall; white frontal shield and bill.
Juvenile: Dark gray with paler face and foreneck; gray bill.
Similar Species: Common Moorhen.
Behavior: Highly aquatic; swims and dives well. Often seen on shore sunning and preening. Often seen in large flocks.
Habitat: Lakes, marshes, slow-flowing rivers.
Food: Aquatic vegetation, worms, insects.
Nest: Platform of reeds in reedbeds.
Eggs: 53 mm, 6-12, grayish, black spots.