Common Moorhen

Gallinula chloropus

(G. c. chloropus )

Armenian Name: Եղեգնահավ
Common Moorhen

See Plate 22 for Common Moorhen and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:32-35 cm, Wing Span:50-55 cm
Distribution Map: Map 103.
Description: White line along flanks; black and white undertail coverts.
Adult: Red frontal shield and yellow-tipped bill.
Juvenile: Mainly dark brown with off-white throat and belly. Bill brownish.
Similar Species: Differs from Common Coot by red frontal shield, white stripe on sides.
Behavior: Swims with bobbing of head and jerking of tail. Walks with head bent forward.
Habitat: Lakes, marshes, slow-flowing rivers.
Food: Invertebrates, aquatic plants.
Nest: Woven cup of reeds on mound of old reeds.
Eggs: 43 mm, 5-13, yellow-brown, dark spots.