Water Rail

Rallus aquaticus

(R. a. aquaticus)

Armenian Name: Ջրահովվիկ
Water Rail

See Plate 22 for Water Rail and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:23-28 cm, Wing Span:38-45 cm
Distribution Map: Map 98.
Description: Long slightly-decurved reddish bill and whitish undertail coverts.
Adult: Dark brown above, dark gray-blue below, black and white bars on flanks.
Juvenile: Brown face, pale brown below barred with darker brown, duller bill.
Similar Species: Differs from other crakes by larger size and long bill.
Behavior: Secretive and rarely seen. Often emits pig-like squeals and grunts.
Habitat: Dense reeds, river banks, ponds.
Food: Invertebrates, plants.
Nest: Platform of reeds in marsh.
Eggs: 36 mm, 6-11, off-white, red-brown spots.