Houbara Bustard

Chlamydotis undulata

(C. u. macqueenii)

Armenian Name: Գեղանի արոս
Species Status: Extirpated Species - Species of Special Concern
Houbara Bustard

See Plate 23 for Houbara Bustard and other similar species

Abundance: Possible
Length:55-65 cm, Wing Span:135-170 cm
Distribution Map: Map 108.
Description: Long-tailed long-necked bustard with bright white patch at base of outer primaries.
Adult: Pale yellow-brown with blackish spots above; off-white face, gray throat, whitish underparts. Black stripe down side of neck. Elongated black and white neck feathers extend over breast.
Juvenile: Yellowish tint to plumage and pale brown-yellow patch on primaries.
Similar Species: Distinguished from other bustards by black frill at base of long slim neck and dark wing with white patch at base of outer primaries.
Behavior: When approached, escapes by running. Often crouches very low to ground to hide.
Habitat: Dry steppe and extensive plains.
Food: Green plants, seeds, and bulbs; insects, lizards, carrion.