Pin-tailed Sandgrouse

Pterocles alchata

(P. a. caudacutus)

Armenian Name: Սպիտակափոր դռլոն
Pin-tailed Sandgrouse

See Plate 23 for Pin-tailed Sandgrouse and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:31-39 cm, Wing Span:54-65 cm
Distribution Map: Map 170.
Description: White under body and long central tail feathers.
Adult (Breeding): Male has orange face with black eyestripe, black chin, orange-pink breast band, and greenish upperparts spotted with yellow. Female has pale brown-yellow upperparts marbled with black and gray.
Similar Species: Differs from Black-bellied Sandgrouse by white under body and long central tail feathers.
Behavior: Gregarious; gathers in flocks at drinking pools. Flies with deep rapid wingbeats interspersed with short glides. Waddling walk and pattering run.
Habitat: Semidesert, lowland foothills.
Food: Plants.