Fringilla montifringilla

Armenian Name: Սովորական սերինոս

See Plate 55 for Brambling and other similar species

Resident Status: Winter visitor
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:14 cm, Wing Span:25-26 cm
Distribution Map: Map 315.
Description: White rump and orange forewing patch, lower wingbar, and breast. White upper wingbar visible in flight.
Adult (Breeding): Male: pale edges to plumage wear off, revealing uniform black head and back.
Adult (Non-breeding): Male has pale brownish feather edges on head and back. Female has dark ear coverts on grayish face, and gray nape at all seasons.
Similar Species: Differs from non-breeding male Chaffinch by white rump and orange color in wings.
Behavior: Forages on ground under trees or close to cover. Occurs in flocks of up to 300; often with Chaffinches.
Habitat: Forest, orchards, parks.
Food: Seeds.