Black-winged Stilt

Himantopus himantopus

(H. h. himantopus)

Armenian Name: Ոտնացուպիկ
Species Status: Threatened Species - Species of Special Concern
Black-winged Stilt

See Plate 24 for Black-winged Stilt and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:35-40 cm, Wing Span:67-83 cm
Distribution Map: Map 145.
Description: Fine black bill, extremely long thin pink legs, black wings and mantle; white underparts. Head and nape variable from white to largely black.
Adult (Breeding): Male: glossy green-black mantle. Female: black wings and mantle less glossy.
Adult (Non-breeding): Both sexes show gray crown and ear coverts.
Juvenile: Brownish mantle and wings with pale feather edges.
Similar Species: Differs from Pied Avocet by pink legs, entirely black wings, and straight bill.
Behavior: In flight, long triangular wings are bent at carpal joint.
Habitat: Lake shores, shallow marshes, wet meadows. Prefers still or slow water with little vegetation.
Food: Aquatic invertebrates.
Nest: Colonial; scrape or cup on ground.
Eggs: 44 mm, 2-5, light brown, black spots.