Burhinus oedicnemus

(B. o. oedicnemus)

Armenian Name: Ավդոտկա

See Plate 24 for Stone-curlew and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Rare
Length:40-44 cm, Wing Span:77-85 cm
Distribution Map: Map 148.
Adult: Light brown overall with fine black streaks on upperparts and breast. Dark-bordered white line on wing coverts and bold upperwing pattern in flight. Short thick yellow bill has black tip; yellow eyes and legs.
Juvenile: Less heavily streaked and lacks black lines on wing coverts.
Behavior: Largely nocturnal, most active at dusk and just before sunrise. Most common call is two notes with second note higher-pitched.
Habitat: Semidesert with scattered shrubs, scree slopes, arid steppe.
Food: Invertebrates, reptiles.
Nest: Shallow ground scrape lined with stones, shells, vegetation.
Eggs: 54 mm, 1-3, pale yellow-brown, variable black markings.