Eurasian Dotterel

Eudromias morinellus

Armenian Name: Պինդիրա
Eurasian Dotterel

See Plate 25 for Eurasian Dotterel and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:20-22 cm, Wing Span:57-64 cm
Distribution Map: Map 120.
Description: A boldly patterned, pale-legged plover.
Adult (Breeding): Grayish upperparts with long white supercilium, black crown, and gray neck. Narrow black-and-white breast band, red-brown breast and flanks, black belly. Female: brighter with larger black area on belly.
Adult (Non-breeding): Much plainer with off-white underparts, dull gray breast with faint white band, yellow-white supercilium.
Juvenile: Like non-breeding adult but crown, upperparts, and breast have darker feather centers.
Behavior: Gregarious on migration and in winter.
Habitat: Sandy or rocky semidesert, plowed fields.
Food: Invertebrates.