Little Ringed Plover

Charadrius dubius

(C. d. curonicus)

Armenian Name: Փոքր քարադր
Little Ringed Plover

See Plate 26 for Little Ringed Plover and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:14-15 cm, Wing Span:42-48 cm
Distribution Map: Map 116.
Description: Slim plover with yellow to pinkish legs, mostly black bill, and in flight shows entirely dark upperwing.
Adult (Breeding): Bright yellow eyering, black and white head pattern.
Adult (Non-breeding): Head pattern duller, breast band may be incomplete.
Juvenile: Largely brown head, brown breast band, dull yellow eyering, gray-yellow legs.
Similar Species: Differs from Common Ringed Plover by smaller size, slimmer body, dark bill, and yellow eyering; lacks white wing stripe.
Behavior: Runs low and fast across ground.
Habitat: Lake shores, mudflats, drainage canals, particularly in semidesert.
Food: Invertebrates.
Nest: Shallow ground scrape, often ringed with small stones.
Eggs: 30 mm, 3-4, pale brown, dark spots.