Numenius phaeopus

(N. p. phaeopus)

Armenian Name: Միջին արորիկ

See Plate 27 for Whimbrel and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:40-42 cm, Wing Span:76-89 cm
Distribution Map: Map 121.
Description: Sandpiper with drab plumage and abruptly decurved bill. Upperparts dark gray-brown with pale feather edges; underparts pale, densely streaked with dark brown. Shows pale supercilium and striped crown at close range.
Similar Species: Differs from Eurasian Curlew by smaller size and more sharply decurved bill.
Behavior: Typically gregarious on passage. Call is 6 or 7 rapidly repeated whistles. Feeds by probing on or just below surface of mud.
Habitat: Mudflats, sandy lake shores, grassy marshes.
Food: Invertebrates and plant material.