Eurasian Curlew

Numenius arquata

(N. a. arquata)

Armenian Name: Մեծ արորիկ
Eurasian Curlew

See Plate 27 for Eurasian Curlew and other similar species

Resident Status: Migrant
Abundance: Rare
Length:50-60 cm, Wing Span:80-100 cm
Distribution Map: Map 122.
Description: Sandpiper with long legs and long decurved bill. From a distance, appears drab brown with paler underparts.
Adult (Breeding): Head, neck, and breast pale brown with dark streaks, densest on lower breast. Upperparts yellow-brown with faint bars.
Adult (Non-breeding): Paler with whiter underparts and a noticeable bib.
Similar Species: Differs from Whimbrel by larger size, paler coloration in flight, and plain unstriped head.
Behavior: Walks slowly while probing deeply for food. Flies with head retracted against neck and breast, and bill held level with body. Call is an up-slurred two notes.
Habitat: Shallow marshes, flooded fields, lake shores.
Food: Invertebrates.