Bar-tailed Godwit

Limosa lapponica

(L. l. lapponica)

Armenian Name: Փոքր իլիկակտցար
Bar-tailed Godwit

See Plate 27 for Bar-tailed Godwit and other similar species

Resident Status: Winter visitor
Abundance: Rare
Length:37-39 cm, Wing Span:70-80 cm
Distribution Map: Map 124.
Description: A sandpiper with long slightly upturned bill, uniformly-colored upperwing, and black-and-white barred uppertail.
Adult (Breeding): Male is dark reddish-brown on head, neck, and underparts. Female lacks red-brown coloration and has pale orange color on lower face and neck.
Adult (Non-breeding): Both sexes have brown-gray head, neck, breast, and upperparts with fine streaking.
Juvenile: Like breeding female but with more pink at base of bill, extensive pale edges on upperparts, and unstreaked breast.
Similar Species: Differs from Black-tailed Godwit by shorter legs, barred tail and in flight, dark upperwing.
Behavior: Feeds by probing with bill while walking. Gregarious.
Habitat: Mudflats, lake shores, floodplains.
Food: Invertebrates.