Philomachus pugnax

Armenian Name: Կռվակտցար

See Plate 27 for Ruff and other similar species

Resident Status: Migrant
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:20-30 cm, Wing Span:48-58 cm
Distribution Map: Map 144.
Description: Remarkably variable sandpiper. In all plumages, birds can be identified by small head, slightly decurved bill, stout body, and long legs; in flight, by white ovals on sides of rump and tail, and narrow white wing stripe.
Adult: Leg color varies from orange to green or gray.
Adult (Breeding): Male has large ear tufts and a ruff of brown-red, white, purple, or black; plain, barred, spotted, or speckled. Female: smaller, grayish-brown above, white with dark mottling below.
Adult (Non-breeding): Males lose ornate feathers and are similar to females but much larger.
Juvenile: Pale brown-yellow head, neck, breast, belly; pale feather edges give upperparts a scaled appearance.
Behavior: Upright stance; wingbeats deep with frequent glides.
Habitat: Mudflats, shores of lakes and rivers.
Food: Aquatic insects.