Marsh Sandpiper

Tringa stagnatilis

Armenian Name: Առափնյա կտցար
Marsh Sandpiper

See Plate 28 for Marsh Sandpiper and other similar species

Resident Status: Migrant
Abundance: Rare
Length:22-24 cm, Wing Span:55-59 cm
Distribution Map: Map 127.
Description: Long slender neck, long greenish legs, and needle-like blackish bill.
Adult (Breeding): Gray above boldly speckled with black and brown, white rump and back; white below with black dots on foreneck and upper breast, and black chevrons on flanks.
Adult (Non-breeding): Pale gray above, white below.
Similar Species: Differs from Common Greenshank by smaller head, thinner neck, bill, and legs.
Behavior: Upright posture; bobs head when alarmed.
Habitat: Muddy shores.
Food: Invertebrates.