Common Snipe

Gallinago gallinago

(G. g. gallinago)

Armenian Name: Մորակտցար
Common Snipe

See Plate 29 for Common Snipe and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:25-27 cm, Wing Span:44-47 cm
Distribution Map: Map 135.
Description: Long-billed snipe. Dark crown divided by pale yellow-brown line. Pale face with dark eyestripe and bar on cheek. Brown above with an intricate pattern of pale and dark bars. Chin and throat off-white; foreneck and breast pale, streaked black-brown. Flanks barred; belly white. Extensively reddish tail.
Similar Species: Differs from Jack Snipe by larger size, longer bill, and barred flanks; from Great Snipe by smaller size, extensive white on belly, and in flight, narrower wings and extensively reddish tail.
Behavior: Often secretive. Occurs in large flocks. When flushed, emits a scratchy call and flies in low zigzag pattern for short distance.
Habitat: Muddy or silty shores of ponds, lakes, and canals; marshes. Prefers areas with shallow water and emergent vegetation.
Food: Aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates.
Nest: Shallow ground scrape lined with grass.
Eggs: 39 mm, 4, pale green, brown blotches.