Jack Snipe

Lymnocryptes minimus

Armenian Name: Վարսակտցար
Jack Snipe

See Plate 29 for Jack Snipe and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Abundance: Possible
Length:17-19 cm, Wing Span:38-42 cm
Distribution Map: Map 137.
Description: Short-billed snipe. Dark central crown; pale face with unique "eyebrow" line and dark eyestripe. Very dark back divided by prominent pale stripes; remaining upperparts brown with paler edges and markings. Entirely dark pointed tail.
Similar Species: Differs from other snipes by small size, short bill and legs, and dark tail.
Behavior: Very secretive and reluctant to fly, flushes only when approached very closely. Escape flights short and end with looping fall. Constantly bobs whole body on bent legs while feeding.
Habitat: Marshes, shallow lakes, river banks, floodplains. Prefers areas with dense short vegetation.
Food: Aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates; plants.