Calidris alba

Armenian Name: Ճերմակ ավազակտցար

See Plate 30 for Sanderling and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:20-21 cm, Wing Span:40-45 cm
Distribution Map: Map 138.
Description: Sandpiper with short straight black bill; in flight shows conspicuous white wing stripe contrasting with black patch at bend of wing.
Adult (Breeding): Bright red-brown and black upperparts and breast; white underparts.
Adult (Non-breeding): Pale gray above with often visible black shoulder patch; white underparts.
Juvenile: Checkered black-and-white mantle, yellowish wash on head and breast.
Similar Species: Differs from all other small sandpipers by short straight black bill, black legs, and in flight, conspicuous white wing stripe, and black patch at bend of wing.
Behavior: Very active; runs rapidly with head forward and body horizontal.
Habitat: Sandy lake shores, river banks.
Food: Aquatic invertebrates.