Long-tailed Jaeger

Stercorarius longicaudus

Armenian Name: Երկրապոչ ծովահեն որոր
Long-tailed Jaeger

See Plate 31 for Long-tailed Jaeger and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:48-53 cm, Wing Span:105-117 cm
Distribution Map: Map 152.
Description: Slim jaeger with short bill, small head, and long pointed wings.
Adult (Breeding): Long tail streamers. Crown and upper face gray-black; brown-gray upperparts contrast with black flight feathers. Brown-gray flanks and undertail coverts. Pale area across nape to belly.
Juvenile: Highly variable but often brown-gray and heavily barred overall.
Similar Species: Differs from other jaegers by slim body, long tail streamers, and proportionately long narrow wings.
Behavior: Agilely pursues terns to steal food; can pluck food from water surface in flight.
Habitat: Lakes, reservoirs.
Food: Primarily fish, also small animals, carrion.