Parasitic Jaeger

Stercorarius parasiticus

Armenian Name: Կարճապոչ ծովահեն որոր
Parasitic Jaeger

See Plate 31 for Parasitic Jaeger and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:41-46 cm, Wing Span:110-125 cm
Distribution Map: Map 153.
Adult (Non-breeding): Short pointed tail streamers and white patch at base of primaries. Light phase has brown-gray upperparts; whitish underparts with gray breast band and dark undertail coverts. Dark phase looks entirely blackish-brown from a distance.
Juvenile: Variable. Brownest juvenile jaeger, especially on head.
Similar Species: Differs from other jaegers by relatively long slim bill, medium-size body, and short pointed tail.
Behavior: Flight action appears powerful. Pursues other birds to steal food.
Habitat: Lakes, fish ponds.
Food: Insects, small animals.