Pomarine Jaeger

Stercorarius pomarinus

Armenian Name: Միջին ծովահեն որոր
Pomarine Jaeger

See Plate 31 for Pomarine Jaeger and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:46-51 cm, Wing Span:125-138 cm
Distribution Map: Map 151.
Description: Variable jaeger with a thick bill, barrel-shaped body, and white wing patch.
Adult (Breeding): Usually show longer twisted tail streamers.
Adult (Non-breeding): Broad tail streamers. Light phase has brown-gray upperparts with blackish-brown face and crown, yellowish neck sides and nape. Under body mainly white, variably barred brown on breast, flanks, and undertail coverts. Dark phase shows uniform blackish-brown body.
Juvenile: Variable but typically dark overall with dense barring below. Underwing shows whitish area at base of primary coverts.
Similar Species: Differs from other jaegers by larger size, broad body, and broader base of wing.
Behavior: Pursues other birds to steal food. Flight appears strong with regular deep wingbeats.
Habitat: Large lakes.
Food: Fish, small animals, carrion.