Yellow-legged Gull

Larus cachinnans

(L. c. cachinnans)

Armenian Name: Քրքջան որոր
Yellow-legged Gull

See Plate 32 for Yellow-legged Gull and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:58-68 cm, Wing Span:125-150 cm
Distribution Map: Map 156.
Adult: Gray upperparts, pale yellow eye, yellow bill, yellow legs. In flight, shows black wingtip with two white patches on outer primaries.
First Winter: Whitish head and body lightly streaked with brown; upperparts dark brown with paler feather edges and blackish flight feathers. Black bill and pink legs.
Similar Species: Very similar to Armenian Gull but differs by being slightly larger, paler above with a larger bill and yellow eyes. First-winter differs from Armenian Gull by being darker overall with less pale markings on the greater and median upperwing coverts.
Behavior: Often gregarious, mixing with other large gulls.
Habitat: Lakes, reservoirs.
Food: Variety of animal and plant material.