Mew Gull

Larus canus

(L. c. heinei)

Armenian Name: Թխակապույտ որոր
Mew Gull

See Plate 32 for Mew Gull and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:40-42 cm, Wing Span:110-130 cm
Distribution Map: Map 154.
Description: Rounded head, greenish-yellow legs and bill.
Adult (Breeding): White head, body, rump, and tail. Light gray mantle and upperwings; in flight, shows black wingtip with two large white spots near tips of outer primaries.
Adult (Non-breeding): Head and nape streaked with gray; bill darker.
First Winter: Gray mantle and scapulars, blackish primaries, gray streaks on head and underparts, dark tail band. Dark-tipped pink bill.
Similar Species: Differs from Yellow-legged and Armenian Gulls by much smaller size, more rounded head, and delicate greenish bill.
Behavior: Flight appears buoyant with deep wingbeats.
Habitat: Large lakes, reservoirs.
Food: Invertebrates, fish.