Caspian Tern

Sterna caspia

Armenian Name: Կասպիական ծովածիծառ
Caspian Tern

See Plate 33 for Caspian Tern and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:47-54 cm, Wing Span:130-145 cm
Distribution Map: Map 167.
Description: Huge tern with broad body, large red bill, and short forked tail.
Adult (Breeding): Black crown with shaggy nape; upperparts pale gray. From below, outer primaries appear dark gray.
Adult (Non-breeding): Gray cap with black flecks.
Juvenile: Brown crown flecked with white; back marked with brown streaks and chevrons.
Similar Species: Differs from other terns by huge size, large red bill, and dark primaries from below.
Behavior: Gull-like flight with deep powerful wingbeats.
Habitat: Large areas of open water; rarely steppe.
Food: Fish, invertebrates.