Great Spotted Cuckoo

Clamator glandarius

Armenian Name: Փուփուլավոր կկու
Great Spotted Cuckoo

See Plate 34 for Great Spotted Cuckoo and other similar species

Resident Status: Casual
Length:38-40 cm, Wing Span:58-61 cm
Distribution Map: Map 178.
Description: Long-tailed cuckoo with prominent crest.
Adult: Dark gray above, white below, washed with yellow on lower face and throat. Wings spotted with white.
Juvenile: Black crown without crest, more yellow on face and neck; brown upperparts with small whitish spots, and dark-tipped brown-orange primaries above.
Behavior: Bold and noisy, often giving parrot-like squawks.
Habitat: River banks with willows; scattered trees in open areas.
Food: Invertebrates, especially hairy caterpillars.