Common Wood-pigeon

Columba palumbus

(C. p. palumbus )

Armenian Name: Անտառային աղավնի
Common Wood-pigeon

See Plate 34 for Common Wood-pigeon and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:40-42 cm, Wing Span:75-80 cm
Distribution Map: Map 174.
Description: Largest of the doves.
Adult: Gray above with darker flight feathers, large white wing crescent, green-and-white patch on side of neck, and wide dark band at tip of tail; underparts purplish-pink.
Juvenile: Duller and lacks white neck patch.
Behavior: Often seen in flocks.
Habitat: Woodlands near fields in summer; more widespread in winter.
Food: Grain, fruits, leaves.
Nest: Loose flat platform of twigs in tree.
Eggs: 41 mm, 1-2, white.