Red Kite

Milvus milvus

(M. m. milvus)

Armenian Name: Կարմիր ցին
Red Kite

See Plate 6 for Red Kite and other similar species See Plate 13 for Red Kite and other similar species in flight

Flight Characteristics: From below shows reddish body and wing coverts, blackish carpal patches, prominent white wing patch at base of primaries, and deeply-forked brown-red tail. From above shows pale head and upperwing bar; contrasting orange tail. Flight is agile with frequent changes in wing and tail position. Soars effortlessly with wings forward and slightly arched. Glides with level wings held slightly back.
Resident Status: Casual
Length:60-66 cm, Wing Span:175-195 cm
Distribution Map: Map 28.
Description: Agile with slender wings and deeply-forked tail.
Adult: Whitish head, reddish body and tail. In flight, shows broad pale band on upperwing and large white patch on primaries below.
Juvenile: Darker with more prominent streaks and bars; tail is less deeply forked and paler above.
Similar Species: Differs from Black Kite by pale head, upperwing bar, and deeply-forked tail.
Behavior: Buoyant flight with continually twisting tail. Migrates singly or in small flocks.
Habitat: Mountain steppe, river valleys.
Food: Insects, other small animals, carrion.