Northern House-martin

Delichon urbica

(D. u. meridionalis)

Armenian Name: Քաղաքային ծիծեռնակ
Northern House-martin

See Plate 36 for Northern House-martin and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:12.5 cm, Wing Span:26-29 cm
Distribution Map: Map 214.
Description: Glossy blue-black head and back, black wings and tail, pure white rump and underparts, and short slightly-forked tail. Appears black and white at a distance.
Similar Species: Differs from other swallows and martins by combination of dark upperparts, white rump, and slightly-forked tail.
Behavior: Colonial breeder on cliffs or buildings.
Habitat: Cliffs, human settlements.
Food: Airborne insects.
Nest: Mud cup lined with feathers on cliff face or under overhang of building.
Eggs: 19 mm, 3-5, white.