Common Swift

Apus apus

(A. a. apus)

Armenian Name: Սև մանգաղաթև
Common Swift

See Plate 36 for Common Swift and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:16-17 cm, Wing Span:42-48 cm
Distribution Map: Map 189.
Description: Blackish-brown overall with whitish chin and throat, dark belly, and slightly paler flight feathers.
Similar Species: Differs from Alpine Swift by smaller size, slimmer more pointed wings, and dark belly.
Behavior: Spends almost all of life in flight; fast, shallow wingbeats with frequent long glides. Flocks fly along cliff faces or sides of tall buildings giving screaming calls.
Habitat: Sheer cliffs, river gorges, cities.
Food: Airborne invertebrates.
Nest: Cup of plant material glued to crevice of cliff or building with saliva.
Eggs: 25 mm, 2-4, white.