Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

Merops persicus

(M. p. persicus)

Armenian Name: Կանաչ մեղվակեր
Species Status: Threatened Species - Species of Special Concern
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

See Plate 37 for Blue-cheeked Bee-eater and other similar species

Flight Characteristics: Map 192.
Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Rare
Length:27-31 cm, Wing Span:46-49 cm
Distribution Map: Map 192.
Description: Predominantly green bird with long central tail projections.
Adult: Green overall with blue, black, and white face, yellow chin, and reddish throat and underwing coverts; blue tint on rump.
Juvenile: Duller, with pale tips to feathers; lacks tail projections.
Similar Species: Differs from European Bee-eater by green upperparts, and red throat and underwing coverts.
Behavior: Agile, buoyant flight; call like European Bee-eater but more rolling and higher-pitched.
Habitat: Semidesert with clay banks, near water.
Food: Airborne insects.
Nest: Burrow in sand or clay bank.
Eggs: 26 mm, 5-7, white.