Syrian Woodpecker

Dendrocopos syriacus

(D. s. transcaucasicus)

Armenian Name: Սիրիական փայտփոր
Syrian Woodpecker

See Plate 38 for Syrian Woodpecker and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:22-23 cm, Wing Span:34-39 cm
Distribution Map: Map 199.
Description: Black upperparts with white scapular patches; yellowish-white underparts with unstreaked flanks, and dark pink undertail coverts. Unforked black head stripe touches bill but not nape. Black crown; male has red patch on nape which is absent on female.
Similar Species: Differs from Great Spotted Woodpecker by black stripe not reaching nape.
Behavior: Undulating flight. Forages on ground, tree trunks, stonework on buildings.
Habitat: Arid valleys; sparsely wooded lowlands.
Food: Invertebrates, some seeds.
Nest: Cavity in tree.
Eggs: 25 mm, 4-7, white.