Rough-legged Buzzard

Buteo lagopus

(B. l. lagopus)

Armenian Name: Թավշաոտ ճուռակ
Rough-legged Buzzard

See Plate 6 for Rough-legged Buzzard and other similar species See Plate 13 for Rough-legged Buzzard and other similar species in flight

Flight Characteristics: Long broad wings and long tail. White below with blackish markings; pale underwing with prominent dark squarish carpal patch and dark wingtip. Broad dark belly band; broad dark subterminal band on white tail. Male also has 2-4 narrow bands near tip of tail; female also has 2-3 broader bands near tip which often merge together. Soars with tail spread and wings markedly raised. Glides with innerwing raised and primaries held flat. Hovers frequently. Differs from Common Buzzard in longer, relatively narrower wings and contrasting carpal patches and tail band.
Resident Status: Winter visitor
Abundance: Rare
Length:50-60 cm, Wing Span:120-150 cm
Distribution Map: Map 46.
Description: Broad wings with large blackish carpal patches, and long tail.
Adult: Upperparts dark, paler below with dark belly. White tail with wide dark subterminal band.
Juvenile: Paler, back streaked with white, and tail band weakly marked.
Similar Species: Differs from Common and Long-legged Buzzards by white tail with broad subterminal band and feathered tarsi, visible at close range.
Behavior: Hovers often when hunting.
Habitat: Mountain steppe, fields.
Food: Small mammals, birds.