Crested Lark

Galerida cristata

(G. c. subtaurica)

Armenian Name: Փուփուլավոր արտույտ
Crested Lark

See Plate 39 for Crested Lark and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:17 cm, Wing Span:29-38 cm
Distribution Map: Map 207.
Description: Drab gray-brown lark with prominent crest, dark tail with orange-brown edges, and orangish underwing.
Adult: Narrowly streaked above; off-white below with dark breast streaks.
Juvenile: White tips on upperparts.
Similar Species: Differs from Eurasian Skylark by longer crest, lack of white on tail and on trailing edge of wing.
Behavior: Often feeds by roadsides, and at refuse piles in winter.
Habitat: Semidesert, steppe.
Food: Invertebrates, seeds.
Nest: Ground scrape lined with grass and wool.
Eggs: 23 mm, 3-5, off-white, brown spots.