Wood Lark

Lullula arborea

(L. a. pallida)

Armenian Name: Անտառային արտույտ
Wood Lark

See Plate 39 for Wood Lark and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:15 cm, Wing Span:27-30 cm
Distribution Map: Map 208.
Description: Narrow-billed, broad-winged lark with bold head pattern; white supercilia meet on nape. In flight, noticeable black and white patch on leading edge of upperwing.
Adult: Dark streaked above.
Juvenile: White feather tips above.
Behavior: Persistently sings during courtship display-flights.
Habitat: Open woodland, forest glades, orchards.
Food: Invertebrates, seeds.
Nest: Cup of grass on ground.
Eggs: 22 mm, 3-5, pale gray, brown spots.