Citrine Wagtail

Motacilla citreola

(M. c. werae, M. c. citreola (subspecies uncertain))

Armenian Name: Դեղնագլուխ խաղտտնիկ
Citrine Wagtail

See Plate 40 for Citrine Wagtail and other similar species

Resident Status: Migrant
Abundance: Rare
Length:17 cm, Wing Span:24-27 cm
Distribution Map: Map 216.
Description: Two broad white wingbars, gray flanks, white undertail coverts, and black bill and legs.
Adult (Breeding): Male has bright yellow head bordered by black rear half-collar, light gray mantle and back. Female has pale gray crown and mottled pale-centered ear coverts.
Adult (Non-breeding): Both sexes similar to breeding female.
Juvenile: Grayish upperparts; off-white undertail coverts, forehead and ear coverts tinted brown with pale rear border, wide white rear supercilium and wingbars.
Similar Species: Differs from Yellow Wagtail by combination of broad white wingbars and edges to tertials, white undertail coverts, entirely black bill, ear coverts with pale rear border and mottled pale area in center, pale forehead. Juvenile differs from juvenile White Wagtail by lack of breast patch.
Behavior: Often mixes with Yellow Wagtails on migration.
Habitat: Marshes, pond and lake shores, wet meadows.
Food: Small invertebrates.