Red-throated Pipit

Anthus cervinus

Armenian Name: Կարմրախածի ձիաթռչնակ
Red-throated Pipit

See Plate 41 for Red-throated Pipit and other similar species

Resident Status: Migrant
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:15 cm, Wing Span:25-27 cm
Distribution Map: Map 222.
Description: Dark pipit with streaked rump and yellow at base of bill. Brown above with dense streaks. Pale below with lines of bold dark spots on the flanks.
Adult (Breeding): Reddish face and throat; female duller than male.
Adult (Non-breeding): Pale brown-yellow replaces reddish on head and throat. Denser, bolder spots and streaks on breast and flanks.
Similar Species: Differs from other pipits by streaked rump and boldly-streaked flanks.
Behavior: Secretive on ground; escape flights high and erratic.
Habitat: Meadows, fields, marshes.
Food: Invertebrates, some seeds.