Meadow Pipit

Anthus pratensis

(A. p. pratensis)

Armenian Name: Մարգագետնային ձիաթռչնակ
Meadow Pipit

See Plate 41 for Meadow Pipit and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:14.5 cm, Wing Span:22-25 cm
Distribution Map: Map 221.
Adult: Dark streaked above, faint supercilium, dark malar and mustachial stripes. Variable, gray-white to pale brown-yellow below; breast and flanks heavily streaked. Orange legs.
Juvenile: Boldly-streaked above; paler edges to wing coverts.
Similar Species: Tree, Red-throated, and Water Pipits
Behavior: Song given in flight or from ground. Creeps about on ground.
Habitat: Subalpine meadow; widespread on migration.
Food: Invertebrates, seeds.
Nest: Grassy cup in tussock.
Eggs: 20 mm, 3-5, brown, brown lines.