Tree Pipit

Anthus trivialis

(A. t. trivialis)

Armenian Name: Անտառային ձիաթռչնակ
Tree Pipit

See Plate 41 for Tree Pipit and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:15 cm, Wing Span:25-27 cm
Distribution Map: Map 220.
Description: Pale yellow tint to throat and upper breast, black median coverts, and white wingbar.
Adult: Faintly-streaked brown upperparts with green tint. Dark spots on breast grade to narrow streaks on flanks.
Juvenile: Boldly streaked upperparts.
Similar Species: Differs from Meadow Pipit by narrower flank streaks.
Behavior: Flute-like song given in flight or from bush top.
Habitat: Forest edges, subalpine scrub.
Food: Invertebrates.
Nest: Grassy cup on ground under stone or shrub.
Eggs: 20 mm, 2-6, grayish pink-violet, variable markings.