Eurasian Nightjar

Caprimulgus europaeus

(C. e. meridionalis)

Armenian Name: Այծկիթ
Eurasian Nightjar

See Plate 42 for Eurasian Nightjar and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:26-28 cm, Wing Span:57-64 cm
Distribution Map: Map 187.
Description: Complex pattern of browns, grays, and white; long wings and tail, very small bill. Male: White bar on outermost three primaries; white tips on outertail feathers. Female: white on wing and tail replaced with yellow-brown.
Behavior: Nocturnal, often detected by its purring song. Rests on ground or on horizontal tree branch during day. Silent flight with long stiff-winged glides, best seen at dusk. Claps wings in display-flight.
Habitat: Widespread but avoids dense forest and cropland.
Food: Airborne invertebrates, mostly moths.
Nest: Lays eggs directly in ground scrape.
Eggs: 31 mm, 1-2, gray-white, pale brown spots.