Eurasian Golden-oriole

Oriolus oriolus

(O. o. oriolus)

Armenian Name: Պիրոլ
Eurasian Golden-oriole

See Plate 42 for Eurasian Golden-oriole and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Uncommon
Length: 24 cm, Wing Span:44-47 cm
Distribution Map: Map 337.
Description: Slender, canopy-dwelling bird with loud cat-like call and unique flute-like song.
Adult: Red bill. Male: bright golden-yellow with black wings, lores, and tail. Female: yellow-green above; pale gray below streaked green-gray.
Juvenile: Like female but with scaled upperparts and brown bill.
Behavior: Feeds in tree tops and favors dense foliage. Flight fast with long undulations.
Habitat: Deciduous woods, orchards, parks.
Food: Invertebrates, berries.
Nest: Hanging cup of grass, plant fibers, and wool attached to fork of outer branch.
Eggs: 30 mm, 3-4, white, black-brown spots.