Lesser Grey Shrike

Lanius minor

Armenian Name: Սևաճակատ շամփրուկ
Lesser Grey Shrike

See Plate 42 for Lesser Grey Shrike and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:20 cm, Wing Span:32-34.5 cm
Distribution Map: Map 226.
Description: Black, white, and gray shrike with a black forehead, stubby bill, long primary extension, and rectangular white patch at base of primaries.
Adult: Pink tint to underparts. Male: broad black forehead. Female: forehead band narrower with pale speckles.
Juvenile: Wing feathers tipped white; dark bars and pale scallops on gray upperparts.
Similar Species: Northern Shrike.
Behavior: Often perches high on roadside wires or trees. Flies low to ground, seizes prey with bill, then returns to perch.
Habitat: Semidesert, mountain steppe.
Food: Invertebrates, rarely fruit.
Nest: Cup of stems, roots, and feathers, usually high in fork of tree.
Eggs: 25 mm, 5-7, pale blue-green, olive-brown spots.