Red-backed Shrike

Lanius collurio

(L. c. kobylini)

Armenian Name: Ժուլան
Red-backed Shrike

See Plate 42 for Red-backed Shrike and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:17 cm, Wing Span:24-27 cm
Distribution Map: Map 224.
Description: Thick hooked bill, short wings, and brown or black tail.
Adult: Male: blue-gray head, black mask, red-brown back, pink-white underparts. Female: brown above with grayer nape and darker brown mask. Underparts off-white scalloped with gray.
Juvenile: Dull brown above with grayish nape, and extensive scalloping above and below.
Similar Species: Differs from Isabelline Shrike (see Plate 61) by shorter brown or black tail, reddish-brown mantle, and lack of whitish wing patch in females and juveniles.
Behavior: Perches on tops of trees, shrubs, power poles. Makes short flights between perches.
Habitat: Scrubby grasslands.
Food: Invertebrates, small vertebrates.
Nest: Loosely woven cup of plant material in thorny shrub or small tree.
Eggs: 22 mm, 3-7, gray-white to pink, brown and gray-violet spots.