Common Goldcrest

Regulus regulus

(R. r. regulus, R. r. buturlini (subspecies uncertain))

Armenian Name: Դեղնագլուխ արքայիկ
Common Goldcrest

See Plate 43 for Common Goldcrest and other similar species

Resident Status: Winter visitor
Abundance: Common
Length:9 cm,, Wing Span:13.5-15.5 cm
Distribution Map: Map 288.
Description: Very small with a plain face but bright crown pattern.
Adult: Central crown stripe is orange in male, yellow in female. Short dark malar stripe.
Juvenile: Green head lacks crown stripes.
Similar Species: Firecrest.
Behavior: Call a very high-pitched note, given singly or repeated. Constantly flits, hovers, and flicks wings; rapid whirring flight.
Habitat: Mature trees, gardens.
Food: Invertebrates.