Common Redstart

Phoenicurus phoenicurus

(P. p. samamisicus, P. p. phoenicurus)

Armenian Name: Սովորական կարմրատուտ
Common Redstart

See Plate 44 for Common Redstart and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Common
Length:14 cm, Wing Span:20.5-24 cm
Distribution Map: Map 242.
Description: Red-orange outertail.
Adult: P. p. samamisicus has white wing patch lacking in P. p. phoenicurus.
Adult (Breeding): (Both subspecies): male has black face, blue-gray upperparts, white forehead and supercilium, and red-orange breast and flanks. Female is gray-brown above; orange tint on breast and belly.
Juvenile: Brown; pale-spotted above, densely barred below.
Similar Species: Black Redstart.
Behavior: Often drops from perch to ground to snatch food. Quivers tail when perched.
Habitat: Deciduous forest; widespread in migration.
Food: Invertebrates, fruit.
Nest: Cup of grass in tree cavity or nest box.
Eggs: 19 mm, 5-7, greenish-blue.