Luscinia svecica

(L. s. magna, L. s. volgae)

Armenian Name: Կապտափող սոխակ
Species Status: Undetermined Species - Species of Special Concern

See Plate 44 for Bluethroat and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Uncommon
Length:14 cm, Wing Span:20-22.5 cm
Distribution Map: Map 239.
Description: White supercilium and reddish base to sides of tail.
Adult (Breeding): male L. s. magna has blue bib with broad orange border below. Female has dark border to whitish throat. Rare L. s. volgae has narrow black and orange bands below blue bib.
Juvenile: Dark brown with pale streaks above; off-white below with dark streaks on breast.
Behavior: Noticeably erect stance between hops.
Habitat: Mountain steppe, subalpine scrub; reedbeds.
Food: Invertebrates, seeds, fruit.
Nest: Cup of leaves and grass on ground.
Eggs: 18 mm, 5-6, pale blue, red-brown spots.