Ring Ouzel

Turdus torquatus

(T. t. amicorum)

Armenian Name: Սպիտակախածի կեռնեխ
Ring Ouzel

See Plate 46 for Ring Ouzel and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:23-24 cm, Wing Span:38-42 cm
Distribution Map: Map 254.
Description: Dark thrush with bold whitish breast band, white edges to wing feathers, and pale yellowish bill.
Adult (Breeding): Male is brown-black with clear white breast band. Female has finely-scalloped breast band and pale grayish edges to body feathers.
Adult (Non-breeding): Numerous pale edges to underparts and dark-barred breast band.
Juvenile: Similar to female but browner with extensive pale spotting and barring.
Similar Species: Differs from Eurasian Blackbird by white breast band and edges to wing feathers.
Behavior: Often perches on top of shrubs or rocks. Rather shy and difficult to approach. Gregarious in fall.
Habitat: Scattered shrubs and trees in mountain steppe and subalpine meadows.
Nest: Cup of dry grass on ground, in shrub or small tree.
Eggs: 30 mm, 4, greenish-blue, red-brown blotches.