Grasshopper Warbler

Locustella naevia

(L. n. obscurior)

Armenian Name: Սովորական ճռիկահավ
Species Status: Threatened Species - Species of Special Concern
Grasshopper Warbler

See Plate 48 for Grasshopper Warbler and other similar species

Resident Status: Breeding bird
Abundance: Rare
Length:12.5 cm, Wing Span:15-19 cm
Distribution Map: Map 263.
Description: Brown above with faint green tint and dark streaks; off-white below with streaks on long undertail coverts, breast side, and flanks. Short wings and broad rounded tail.
Similar Species: Differs from other warblers by combination of rounded tail and streaks on upperparts and undertail coverts.
Behavior: Very secretive. Sings persistent, high-pitched reeling song from near ground, mostly at dawn and dusk.
Habitat: Marshes, mountain meadows.
Food: Invertebrates.
Nest: Grass cup in side of tussock.
Eggs: 18 mm, 5-6, white, purple spots.