Fringilla coelebs

(F. c. caucasica)

Armenian Name: Ամուրիկ

See Plate 55 for Chaffinch and other similar species

Resident Status: Year-round resident
Abundance: Common
Length:14.5 cm, Wing Span:24.5-28.5 cm
Distribution Map: Map 314.
Description: White upper and off-white lower wingbar, greenish rump, and largely white outertail feathers.
Adult (Breeding): Male has black forehead, gray-blue crown, reddish-brown back, pink-brown face, and pinkish underparts.
Adult (Non-breeding): Non-breeding Male is duller and browner, especially on head and upperparts. Female is gray-brown above, pale brown below year-round.
Juvenile: Similar to female but has grayish-white spot on nape, browner mantle, and paler underparts.
Similar Species: Differs from other finches and buntings by combination of double whitish wingbars, greenish rump, and white outertail feathers.
Behavior: Often gregarious, forming large flocks with other species in fall and winter.
Habitat: Forest, orchards, hedgerows, parks.
Food: Seeds, plant matter.
Nest: Cup of dry grasses, moss, and lichens in tree.
Eggs: 19 mm, 4-5, blue-green, brownish blotches.